Bought the most beautiful pair of vintage shades! Still loving them! Need some more!

Hayley Godfrey

This is one of my favorite online stores! I check to see any recent additions regularly! #guiltypleasure

Danielle King

This is my weekly necessity! I have to see what new items are on here!

Tamsyn Judd

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To live a life worth writing about.

To live a life worth writing about.

... but nothing prepared me for this feeling.
Calm, acceptance, humility and thankfulness.
Buffalo plaid meet floral print

Buffalo plaid meet floral print

Be it the eclectic button sewn onto a jacket, the red piping detail that cinches the whole outfit together or the tiny stones in your necklace that match your shoes and your emerald green eyes...
The Signature Piece effect

The Signature Piece effect

"Its all in the details for me, the weathered look of the fabric, even though it's been meticulously cared for, the fine detail of the stitching or embellishment. Jackets have history, they tell a story all of their own, they embody a timeless era..."